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We LOVE Camp 603! We signed up for two weeks last year, but we want to sign up for more weeks this summer!! Joe and his team somehow seem to know exactly what middle schoolers need to enjoy their summer together! He knows this population, and we feel so happy that he can use his school counselor profession to keep our son safe and engaged!

                         ~Dawn H.

Ethan loved Camp 603! He is already looking forward to attending next summer!

                         ~Dawn P.

Alex loved it! The counselors were fun and engaging. I like how they get the attention from them. It was a great experience and we look forward to another week.


I can't say enough good things about Camp 603. The counselors were great and the experiences across the state were unlike anything my son would have had otherwise. He was able to interact with peers and even went out of his comfort zone and tried tubing! Even if it rained, he came home smiling, and exhausted, and ready for the next day! Last year he did one week but next summer he will be doing two weeks!


Don't have your child miss the opportunity of a lifetime. "Camp 603" is certain to be an amazing experience. I co-led a group of students with Joe Rider who single handily planned an outstanding adventure among the "Great White Mountains" of New Hampshire. This group of young teens still talk about their life altering feat. They say it was the best two nights and three days of their lives, hiking and camping. Joe Rider's leadership, skill, experience, sincere passion for the great outdoors enhanced this adventure to its optimal success, sense of accomplishment, team collaboration, and most of all, Fun!!!

                             ~Nadine Palmer

When we went camping at the end of April we were expecting to have a nice time with fun hikes and learning some survival skills. Instead we were hit with a blizzard and freezing rain. Instead of being disappointed Mr. Rider still lead us to the top of the mountain and taught us a lot about not giving up. Instead of being the worst weekend in my life, it turned into one of the best. If you have the opportunity to attend Camp 603, I know you will have a blast!

                             ~Jake Sarno

On our trip through the school to the White Mountains we were a group of extremely varying outdoors levels.  Mr. Rider was able to incorporate all levels into a very successful enjoyable outdoors trip for all.  If you are looking for an epic time outdoors, Mr. Rider is your guy!  Rain or shine you will have the best week of your summer.  I highly recommend this camp to anyone with a love for the outdoors!

                             ~Manny Ray

Despite the rapidly changing weather that the white mountains are known for, Mr. Rider was able to adapt to the blizzard and created a successful weekend for all of us. To this day I still think it was one of the most fun weekends of my life. He was a great leader and it couldn't have happened without him.

                            ~Zach Ritenour

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