Quick Facts

  • Tuition: $1475

  • Age: Campers going into Junior or Senior year of high school

  • Dates: June 28-July1 and July 6-July 10 Sleep Away

    • Day hiking​

    • Day at the beach

    • Day of boating

    • Day of Red Cross Lifeguard/CPR/First Aid Training

    • Day of Leadership Training

    • 3 Days of Supporting Junior Week Leading 7-9 year olds

  • All trainings are included in tuition fee

  • We can only take a max of 13 CIT's 

  • CIT's are welcome to join camp as a CIT throughout the summer.  No additional tuition required. 

Last year we embarked on a new adventure and established a Camp 603 CIT program.  This year we are expanding our CIT program even more by hosting an exclusive CIT week!  This week is strictly for our CITs to enjoy all the aspects of camp while strengthening bonds, developing leadership skills, and receiving various trainings along the way.  

Trainings will include:

  • Red Cross CPR/First Aid/Lifeguard certification

  • Boat Safety and Driving Lessons

  • Leadership 

  • Outdoor Ed. 

  • Public Speaking

  • Problem Solving

This session is two weeks of leadership and skill development capped by applying everything toward the next generation of Camp 603 superstars.  Week 1 is all about CITs.  a 4 day 4 night adventure!  We will camp out each night and build the skill necessary to be a strong CIT at Camp 603.  These skills will directly reflect what is required to become a future Camp 603 Counselor.  Week 2 will start with the CIT group preparing for the junior campers to arrive.  Then we will embark on 3 days of traditional Camp 603 day camp.  Junior campers will head home each night while CITs will remain at camp for evening programs and overnights.  Friday night will be a traditional closing ceremony for our CITs.  A fitting way to celebrate the time spent at camp with friends who are now family.

In addition, CITs that complete the week will be offered a summer CIT position.  Summer CITs will have the opportunity to participate at camp throughout the remainder of the summer!  

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6/28/21 - 7/1/21 (Monday-Thursday)

7/6/21 - 7/10/21 (Tuesday-Saturday)

All Overnights

13 Seats Max - 13 Seats Remaining

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