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Frequently Asked Questions


Camp 603 accepts campers from age 10-17.  When campers are going into their Junior year of High School, they are invited to sign up for our CIT program. 

How many campers attend per week?

Each van holds a max of 13 campers.  There are a few weeks this coming summer that we will open up a second van.  The second van must fill up to 8 campers before it runs.  So either a max of 13 or a max of 26 campers per week.  In addition, we welcome 2-4 CITs per week to help increase the camper experience by passing on traditions and leading campers toward fun!

What time is pick up and drop off?

We meet in the mornings at the Bow High School Parking lot near the basketball hoops.  Morning drop off is between 8:00am-8:30am.  Our afternoon pick up is between 4:45pm-5:00pm.  We do our best to update families if we are running late.  

What do campers bring for food?

Yes, campers bring lunch and a snack.  Campers are allowed to eat any time throughout the day and we typically have a time to each lunch.  Please pack lunches and snacks that are easy to consume on the go.  Camp 603 is a very active camp and being able to eat snacks while hiking is so important.   

What do you do if it rains?

We are an outdoor adventure camp.  We are outside rain or shine.  We typically try to use the best sunny days for boating and the beach.  Hiking is a rugged rain or shine event.  Our counselors are amazing at bring out the tough in everyone!  Be prepared with extra clothes on rain days. 

What if there is thunder/lightning?

Our thunder days are often the most memorable!  We turn NH into our own amazing race!  Campers get clues and riddles that bring us to different locations across the state.  At each location there is a challenge or event campers compete in.  Ultimately we try to go where the sun is and have an adventure.  

Where are boating/lake days?

Our boat is located on Lake Winnisquam.  We set up home base at Ahern Beach in Laconia.  Campers will take turns going on the boat in the morning and after lunch.  

What mountains do you hike?

We keep our hikes fresh, fun, and within the the abilities of our campers.  Often we will try to pick smaller mountains with water features or larger mountains with different loops for different skill levels. 

Overnight does this work?

on Thursday starting at the normal time (8:00-8:30). That evening, instead of coming back to have parents pick up, we head to 3 Sister Eco Farm in Danbury NH for our overnight camping. Pack a lunch for Thursday, Camp 603 has dinner that night, breakfast and lunch on Friday covered!

Do we need to pack food for the entire overnight?

No, we ask for families to pack a lunch for Thursday.  We will take care of the meals after that.  As we get closer to the week of camp, we reach out and ask for food preferences so we can create the best menu possible! 

How will parents know which days are which with regard to the trip so parents can have campers dress appropriately for the day?

We will update our website weekly schedule based on that week’s weather.  We send out an email over the weekend that gives an overview of the week based on the 7 day forecast.  We then try really hard to let families know at the end of each day what the next day will be if there are weather changes in the 7 day forecast.  It is very rare that we change the plan the morning of, but it does happen once or twice a summer.  If we change that morning, we will send an email and text you ASAP, usually around 7:00-7:30am.  Our design is to take the kids to where the best weather is in the state.  We do encourage families to have clothing set out for hiking or swimming so it’s easier for families in the morning if there is a change.  

What happens if I get car sick?

We try to make our drives very entertaining which can also help keep kids minds off the discomfort.  We play lots of games like: name that tune, Pictionary, Categories, mafia, etc.  Ultimately our drives range from 45 minutes to the lake and up to 2 hours at most when we drive from our overnight in Danbury to Hampton Beach. Our biggest driving days are “Thunder Days.”  We are active rain or shine but if there is lightning, we plan a day in the van that resembles the Amazing Race.  It can be a lot of driving but we have had success over the years helping campers who have been worried about getting car sick. :)

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