Camp 603 camp counselors are camper focused and dedicated to provide the most enjoyable and safe camp experience.  Our counselors are highly qualified, hand picked to provide the most excellent of care, and come with a passion for the outdoors.  Through Joe’s background in School Counseling & Education, our team will provide the campers with an environment full of positivity, motivation, and inclusiveness.  Our goal is to create an atmosphere that allows campers the freedom to be themselves, and to be themselves confidently.  One of the biggest characteristics that sets Camp 603 apart from other camps is our exceptional staff and incredibly low ratio of Counselor to Camper.  We strive to make every camper feel like the star of the week!

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My name is Joe Rider and I am the director and owner of Camp 603. I was born and raised in the state of New Hampshire and have fallen in love with the beauty of this state. I have grown up hiking NH mountains, spending summers on various lakes, and loving long days at the ocean.  My love for the outdoors has inspired me to fulfill a life long goal to start a summer camp that incorporates these great NH adventures.


My love for summer camp comes from the multiple day camps I went to as a kid.  Getting outside and making new friends was always a joy to me.  The new experiences and lessons helped push me outside my comfort zone and grow as a person.  This passion for summer camp only skyrocketed when I got the chance to work at an overnight camp for several summers while I was in college.  These summers surrounded me with good people and endless memories of being outside and enjoying every minute of the summer.  This is exactly what I want to recreate with Camp 603.


For the past nine years I have worked as a school counselor, of which the last five have been at Bow Memorial Middle School. My experiences in education at the high school and middle school levels have given me the tools to instill confidence, responsibility, accountability, and motivation in the younger generations while also forming a foundation of teamwork and compassion. 


My goal is to bring a whole lot of fun and adventure to Camp 603 each and every day.   I am so excited to share this summer with you!

Joe Rider - Director/Owner

2021 Camp 603 Counselors!

Christy Vinnenberg

My name is Christy Vinnenberg, I am 24 years old, and I graduated from Keene State College in 2018 with a degree in education! Currently, I am a special education teacher in Contoocook for middle and high schoolers. Some things that I enjoy doing is hanging out with friends, eating food, playing with my dog, and doing yoga. I am an avid mac n cheese eater!! I love dogs more than almost anything in the world. Fun fact, my license plate is my dogs' name. My goal for this summer is to do a headstand on top of every mountain that we hike. I am really looking forward to this summer and getting to know all the campers!

Camp Dogs


Summer is turning 10 this May, OH MY.  Her favorite things are swimming, belly rubs, lying in the sun, naps, kongs filled with treats or peanut butter, and meeting new people.  Summer's favorite color is red and her favorite food is tortilla chips.  Summer has enjoyed many summer days hiking mountains with Joe.  One of her proudest moments was hiking Mount Washington in November.  Summer is loyal, sweet, gentle, and full of kisses.  

"Winni"  Winnipesauskee 

Winni is turning 3 this May.  Her favorite things are tennis ball, actually any kind of ball, sticks, chewing on rocks, swimming, running (sometimes just in circles), belly rubs, meeting new people, wrestling with her big sister, and annoying her big sister. Winni's favorite food is ice cubes.  Her favorite color is blue.  She has a hidden talent of catching treats, even from a distance.  Winni is full of energy, goofy, thinks she's a lapdog, playful, and also full of kisses.  

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Winni              Summer

Summer and Winni will accompany us on hiking days.  They will love running in front of our pack, filling up on treats, and jumping in every water source we find. 

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