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Mountain Days: 

Hiking is passion and an art.  It takes physical endurance but the smallest of campers can do it.  The comradery built on a trek up a mountain is everlasting.  During camper drop-off, Camp 603 staff will take time to ensure that all campers have what they need for the hike and prep the campers on what to expect.  Campers will also learn tips and tricks to help them gain a more enjoyable experience. Your campers will return to you ready for a good old family dinner full of exciting stories to tell! 

Mountains and Trails: Mount Major, Mount Cardigan, Mount Morgan/Percival loop, Mount Willard, Franconia Park Area: Mt. Lafayette, Little Haystack Mt., Kinsman Mts., Cannon Mt., Greenleaf Hut, Lonesome Lake Hut, The Basin, Flume Gorge

Lake Days  (Lake Winnisquam - Bartlett Beach & the famous Sandbar)

Any time boating is a good time! Camp 603 staff is 100% lifeguard certified and able to teach your camper to water ski, wakeboard, and of course the all time favorite - tubing.  Whether it's your camper's first time on a boat or they are boosting back flips, our staff can work with them to progress and build on their enjoyment of water.  It is inevitable that upon returning from a day of tubing your camper will be tired, sore, and smiling ear to ear about how they got air and hung on.  Gnarly!  

Beach Day  (Hampton Beach State Park)

Who doesn't like going to the beach? Going to the beach Camp 603 style is on a totally different level.  It will be a day full of beach games, swimming, beach food, and camp traditions.  Remember, 603 campers are ready and open to new adventures.  After filling our day with running and lounging all over the beach, your campers will return with an overwhelming excitement to go back time and time again. 

Thunder Days:

In the event of thunder and lightning, Camp 603 has designed an alternative day of excitement.  Safely tucked away in our Camp 603 van, we will travel the state and play our very own version of Amazing Race!  Campers will compete at each stop along the way to complete physical, mental, and teamwork challenges.  Our plan is that when campers return they will say "My favorite rainy day was at Camp 603!"

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